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Polycarbonate Greenhouse Panels
- Nov 29, 2017 -

Temperature adaptability: PC board in-100 ℃ does not occur cold embrittlement, in 135 ℃ not softened, in the harsh environment of its mechanical, mechanical properties and so no significant changes. Sunshine Board has good toughness and cold bending characteristics, can be designed into a variety of arched structure, the radius must be greater than the limit radius of the sun plate curvature. The limit curvature radius of some solar panels is given in the table below.PS Polystyrene Decorative plate belongs to thermoplastic plastic. Proportion is 1.05, melting temperature is 150-180 ℃, absorption rate is low, light transmittance can reach 88-92%. Capable of organic acids, alkali, salt and low alcohols, but also soluble in esters and ketones.