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Lexan Polycarbonate
- Nov 29, 2017 -

PC Endurance Board (also known as polycarbonate solid plate, PC bulletproof glass, PC solid Board, polycarbonate board) is a high-performance Engineering Plastics-----Polycarbonate (PC) processing. It turns into a solid endurance tile by pressing the endurance plate into a wavy form.The Sun plate has different spacing between bars, and the ability to resist hail is different. Therefore, the formation of a law, the wider the width of the vertical ribs and the weaker the impact of hail; the thinner the upper wall, the weaker the hail.Conventional double layer 8mm standard wall thickness of 550um, the spacing of the bar is 11mm, under normal circumstances can impact standard is 10 kg iron ball free fall 2 meters do not crack.