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Colored Polycarbonate
- Nov 29, 2017 -

Because the linear expansion coefficient of PC/FRP plate is about 6 times times larger than that of metal material, therefore, the board must be drilled before the hole, only with the self tapping screws fixed, and the tapping screws must be hit in the middle of the aperture, otherwise due to the expansion and contraction of the displacement and the lack of sufficient to cause the PC/FRP plate around the tapping screws appear cracks or plate contraction deformation.Calculation of reserved expansion space; expansion value = linear expansion coefficient x length x maximum temperature change value PC/FRP plate linear expansion coefficient =7x10mm/mm/℃ For example: the length of 1000mm PC/FRP plate, such as day and night temperature difference has 30 ℃, then its reserve expansion space must be at least 2.1mm above. For example, with φ5mm self tapping screws, the diameter of the PC wave-board drilling is >2.1mm+5mm=7.1mm.